Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Next Big Event!

I did the Nike Marathon....and really meant to post a small race report and blog a little bit about the wonderful experience....not really the marathon part (which wasn't bad) but the girl's weekend part...it was one of the best mini vacations.

Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks (maybe a month??) since Nike. The marathon went well. I didn't have any serious time goals. I didn't want it to take longer than my IM marathon and I wanted to run a faster last half. Finishing strong was my main goal. The first half was pretty slow, but worth taking it easy since we stopped to take some pictures. It was also nice to not stress out about time at that point since it was VERY crowded....and hilly!!! The last half was much better but a little miserable after mile 19!!! Overall, it was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again...we'll see.

We stayed in this great house in the Cole Valley. I'd love to spend some more time there...pretending to be a city dweller!!! Good times for sure.

Now I'm just having to refocus and get ready for the Austin Marathon! I'd like to PR at this race so I have to get serious, but enjoy the process as well. Robin is doing Rogue with me so it's fun to see her enjoy it so much. I'm not sure that I would be as excited if it weren't for Robin. My good friend, Bibiana, is moving. She's been my running buddy for years so I'm going miss her in many ways!! As much as I'd like to think that I'm more of a "serious" runner now....it's still very social for me. The perfect balance as far as I'm concerned.....I still find it fun and new. I hope I don't ever get to the point where I hate doing this stuff. I love my life....my family, friends and this is a huge part of it.

This weekend I'll be running the 1/2 at the Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon. I'll be shooting to run it as fast as I can on that day...we'll see?? I've been recovering from Nike so I'm not sure if my legs (and mind) are ready to race a half, but it will be a good "time trial" to see where I am at this point. My main goal is a PR in Feb!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to Normal, then not, then back again...I think!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've blogged on here. It does make me feel better to write some thoughts down and perhaps share them with a few of you that read this:)!!

A lot has been going on since my last post. In late August I started training consistently for my marathon that is in 12 days. I'm tapering at the moment. I was able to get a few really long runs in and I thought I would only get one or WANT to do one, but I completed an 18, 20, and 22 mile run to help me finish this marathon. I guess finishing wasn't a big concern, but I wanted to prepare myself so I wouldn't end up injured and keep my motivation to train for the Austin Marathon which will be my "A" race for this running season. So far so good! The hiatus I took from training helped. It may have not helped physically, but mentally...I feel focused and fired up again. All is well in the training part of life.

The kids started school (that's probably why my training schedule improved) and that was nice, but always makes me a little sad. I'm getting old and don't adjust to change as well:). New year means new teachers (this year means REALLY NEW teachers...and whole other blog), new schedules and routines. It takes me a while to get used all of it and start feeling "normal" again, but by week 5....I was feeling "adjusted!" Then my mom needs to move in with us. WE all felt that this was the best option for her, but none of us (my mom and I) really want to be in this situation at this time of our lives. That probably sounds worse than it is, but I'd like to see my mom in a happier place in her life. Yes, she has good health, but mentally....she's not very happy and that can be difficult to deal with as well. As a mom, I have hopes and dreams for my children and as a daughter, I have those feelings for my mom as well....so it makes me feel a little sad to see her unhappy and often struggling. On a very positive side....I'm thankful that my children get to share more time with their grandmother. I didn't have a relationship with either of my grandmothers as a child. We visited them and they came to our house, but didn't spend a lot of time with them until I was an adult. I have a few special memories with my maternal grandmother and I cherish those moments. As an adult, my maternal grandmother and I became friends....a true blessing for me. I miss her everyday. I know...I'm digressing! I have to hang on to that positive thought for my own sanity:)....I love my mom and glad to have her in my life, but not 24/7:)!!!

Oh, and the "outdoor living room" (it's no longer called a patio) is (99%)complete!!

Life is good! I'm enjoying more time with family and friends. One of my good friends is moving. She and I run a lot together, most of the time we sign up for the same races, and our husbands and kids enjoy each other..... she will be missed in many areas of my life. The only positive thing about her move is that I can't wait to visit her in the East Coast:)!!

I (still) hope to get more organized with my weekly training totals so I'll try to post more often after the Nike Marathon with those training totals. I also got talked into "Facebook" which has been fun and really not as time consuming (and cheesy) as I thought:)!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Patio stuff......

It was nice to take a break over the weekend. I know we're not the ones doing the hard manual labor, but it's nice to have our back yard free of strangers. Tick and Toby don't like those strangers either and it's hard to not let them run free in their yard. Now we have to take them out to the front and/or walk them.....not what we or they are used to :)!!

Day 6:
It was a very busy day! They got so much done on Monday! I'm starting to relax more and trust the process. David is out of town so that is when I decided to start blogging about our project. It really has kept me busy with some fun searches for outdoor fireplace designs, furniture, and grills (I know that is David's thing, but I am the self assigned project manager). Marty, the paid project manager is actually very good at his job and has wonderful customer service skills so we are in great hands. He also has some expensive taste so it's not good to talk to him too often. The concrete slab will stay the same for a while until we figure out if we want flagstone (and save the money for it) or maybe stain it. I thought I would hate the way it looks, but I can totally look past the unfinished flooring.

Day 7:

Wow, I love it already! The roof is what looks different today. The shingles are on and now it looks like this extension has been here the whole time. We are expecting some rain and we need it, but I hope it doesn't slow our process too much.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our new addition and my latest obsession!

We are extending our patio-actually not much of a patio existed, but it's an extension to say the least. I've been trying to keep up with my running, but not a whole lot of biking nor swimming. Our patio project has helped with my PIB...a new focus for me. It has been a little stressful, but very exciting. I didn't like seeing my house look so vulnerable and exposed when they were ripping out a small part of our roof.

I'll go back and start with Day 1:

It looked a little small so we told the contracters that we'd like to add an extra foot....no problem and besides bigger is better when it comes to patios in Texas :)! David thought they were so nice to just let us add to this and was not happy to hear the the extra foot of concrete would cost us extra. I'm not sure why he thought this would be free??!!

Day 2:

Nothing too exciting, but of course, I was nervous and thought it looked sort of weird and that it would not blend with the house! This part took all day and it seemed like a lot of work for those men on a very HOT day!

Day 3:

Day 4:

We had to go shop for our grill, fridge, and sink so we could give the contractor the dimensions. I had fun looking at all the cool outdoor stuff and David was a little overwhelmed and is not too happy at the thought of spending money :)! Next day is Friday so they won't work over the weekend. I was hoping they would make some progress. The slab of concrete was not very cute and looked very out of place with the house. I'm nervous and making changes to the placement of the fireplace. David and I did enjoy an evening out with friends. We watched The Dark Knight at the Alamo and it was just what David needed. I haven't seen him this stressed in a long time.

Day 5:
They were busy, busy, busy on this day. I do not like this picture and very worried that we are making a huge mistake. To me, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. I can't even picture it looking good at this point. Also, from inside my living room it looked too big.
A long run in the morning was just what I needed. I ran 10 miles and it didn't feel great, but it felt great to meet with a group and get it done! I can hardly wait for Monday!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's August!!!

I have my first long run planned for tomorrow morning!!! Thank goodness Rebecca called to tell me she would pick my a@* up in the morning (around 6:00am). I may have talked myself into having some wine tonight and enjoy breakfast with the family in the morning.

I'm actually looking forward to it and I know how wonderful I'll feel about getting my long run out of the way. Just a long run planned sounds so nice with no long bike ride and no recovery swim...actually a recovery swim sounds like a good idea . I might plan on taking the kids to LTF and I'll swim for a little while.

My left arch has been hurting a little bit. I still haven't had my post IM massage...something else that I need to work on. I'd also like to start my ST and core work a couple times a week starting next Tuesday. I also need to log my workouts at least weekly...if not daily....just to keep me honest until I decide to start paying someone to coach me. For now, I'm going to do long runs with Donnie at Runtex and follow the generic training schedule provided by Nike. I actually like the way it looks and matches a lot of what I was doing before. It has a few cross training days so I'll try to bike and/or swim for those workouts.

I feel better already!!!

So What is an Ironmom?

There’s an article in the back of this month’s USA Triathlon Life magazine called, “Ironmoms: Celebrating Motherhood through Triathlon” by Whitney Roosa. I know that my screen name was not very creative or anything, but I still feel like it was stolen:)!! I should have been more original….it was just too catchy.

Anyway, I liked this part of the article that read as follows:

So what is an Ironmom?
“An Ironmom is a mom of any age who has unlocked great physical and spiritual treasures gained by training for and competing in endurance events. She has tapped into her inner-girl. She relishes the achievement of crossing the finish line. She stretches her boundaries by seeking greater challenges. She doesn’t glisten. She sweats-in fashionable performance wear. She is busy managing her family and household, but has finally made herself a priority. She carves out time each week to train and craves the rush of the endorphins. She is a model of health and physical fitness for her children. She cherishes the solitude of an early morning run, the weightlessness of the swim, and the rhythmic pulse of the ride. This woman, this Ironmom, DOES NOT view life from the sidelines. And her family is all the better for it.”

The article is more about some company that sells fitness apparel, but I like this definition of an Ironmom. It was also good for me to run across this to validate my “why I train” reasons. For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out where my training will go next? Ultimately, I do know that I have a good thing going with triathlon and running in my life and I think my family thinks so too!

It’s Friday so have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am an Ironman!

On June 22, 2008 I did what I set out to do and completed my first Ironman race! It's been over a month since then and the transition has not been easy. I had full blown post IM blues (aka PIB). I never knew that a name or term already existed. I guess it wasn't ALL in my head.

I have a race report pretty much written, but I haven't had time to edit it. I'll have it for my personal reference...sort of like this blog...which is semi-private to me....or at least it feels that way. I do some blogging stuff on LiveJournal, but I use that more as a forum. The community on there is great and I learn a lot from others that are (constantly) training....like me. I always feel that I don't have as much to contribute to the world of triathlon and/or running, but then I read someones blog or post and discover that I've been dealing with some of the same issues. One thing that has recently come to my mind (and apparently the mind of other bloggers) is the question, "Why I train?" or to train or not to train....or to train solo or with a group....how should I train?? I've been contemplating this so it's nice to read that someone else has been pondering this. That's just one example...there have been many others recently...sort of weird.

Anyway, I have a marathon in a couple of months and I should be pretty heavy into that training by now, but I'm still in "active" recovery. The kids are out for summer break so it's been a bit of a challenge to get consistent again. I have the desire and I feel great, but after all of my IM training I don't want to take time away from the kids to officially start training again. Even if I had more motivation then it's still not easy since I either need to go very early in the morning or late in the evening. During the day doesn't work out for several reasons...it's too hot and the kids want to do summertime activities...or just hang out. I'll figure something out or just do what I can when I can until school starts or just do my famous weekend warrior thing???!!

I also had a conversation with a friend of mine and she mentioned that she told her family (or mom) that she wasn't going to train for a marathon again after we do Nike. Of course this made me think of my plans. Will I ever stop training?? I guess not because marathon season is my time to work on my running for any future Ironman or 70.3 race. I guess I'll always train so that I'm ready to start training for the next event?? It seems strange, but it seems even more strange to think of retiring from marathon training?? I know this blog seems strange or may not make too much sense, but it's been one of those days. Not feeling the happiest or just having doubts about where all this is going?? I do it to stay fit, have fun and socialize with my friends. It's a healthy outlet and it's obvious that I need it in my life. I just don't want my family to burn out (with my training) or for it to become a negative thing for them. I don't see how it can, but I'm just say'n.

Also,I know I should probably change this blog name or I should have at least considered that I would eventually not need the "2b" part, but I just didn't want to be presumptuous or jinx my race that hadn't taken place yet!

I'm off to do some summer time stuff with the kiddos :)!!! Maybe I'll run tomorrow!!! Or not!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going Through the Motions!!

Training is going well. Six months ago....I just wanted to say that my IM training was consistent, but I can honestly say that my training has been better than I could have ever imagined. The last week or so, I do feel like I'm just doing the workouts without as much excitement. There have been some very good moments, but they have more to do with the company than the actual activity. As soon as I feel a little burned out...then luckily something great will sort of lift my spirits. I have the best support...from family to friends...coach to training buddies....it's all good!

My husband and kids seem very excited to make the trip to watch me race so I guess that is a good sign that they are not burned out on my training.

I was going to write about my training a little more specific, but it's been a while since I've had time to journal. Basically, I could copy my training schedule and it would match perfectly....that has NEVER been true for me so I'm quite happy that my life has allowed for such great training. Kids are out of school now so I thought it would be a huge challenge to get all of my workouts in, but it's been even more doable this week and I've had more time to recover. No baseball, no gymnastics...just swim practice and meets, but our evenings are free! As good as it's been....I'm sure my family and I will welcome July with a huge smile and a bit of relief. Lately, every plan starts with "In July, we can....."

I also heard myself mention the idea of training for another Ironman...(Ironman France to be more specific)and I haven't even done one...yet! I'm certain it's the training that I love the most, but I also know that I'll never be able to re-create the beauty of my first IM training :)!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Great Day!!

I had a fabulous Wednesday QW. The workout itself was tough but successful. Soaking in cold water was a very nice way to end the workout part of my day. I got a little sad when I realized that we don't have too many more of these Wednesday workouts left....or any Ironman workouts for that matter.

On the way home I had to stop by Bicycle Sport Shop to sign up for this http://www.realaleride.com/ then I had to do some browsing. I'm still on a mission to find my Ironman outfit :)!! I've been doing all of my long rides in tri shorts and nothing hurts so I thought I was set. Recently, I started to have some minor issues so now it looks like I may have to buy some cycling shorts or tri shorts that will work better.....and still put them to the test before June 22nd???

Grabbed some lunch with my husband then we shopped at Costco together. He took Costco items home so I could stop by Betty Sport for some more browsing....turned out to be a nice little shopping day after all. I found some shorts that may work....let's hope that they do because I have spent a small fortune on three pairs of shorts in a few shorts weeks. Not as fun as one would think!

Who am I kidding....shopping is always fun....especially after a good workout and soak with good friends!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Taking Care of Business!

May(hem) is in full swing! Some of the kids activities are coming to an end, along with another school year, and some are just beginning. Vincent and Madeleine are doing swim team again this summer and we enjoy it. There will be a few Saturdays that will be a challenge for me get my workouts in, but I think all of my significant training events that were on my calendar (the scheduled events)are all under my belt. My last one was the Austin Triathletes Open Water Swim on Saturday. It was the third time for me to do this event, but the first time to do the longest distance swim option. This year the longest distance was the 2.4 mile swim. I know, it was very convenient for me this year :)!! They usually offer a 5k swim and I thought that I would have to do that distance. Thank goodness for the 2.4.

The swim went well. I didn't have any goals, but to stay calm, find some bubbles and stay with them. Oh, I also didn't want to go into my usual treading water panic mode which is normal for me at the beginning of most races and/or organized open water swims. Not much to say, but that I found some nice steady bubbles and stayed with them very easily. I thought about passing a few times, but by the time we started the second loop...it was pretty lonely out there and I was comfortable. The pace was nice so I thought I would pass this nice girl (that had been dealing with my constant tapping) towards the last stretch of the swim....good plan and it made the swim a little more interesting. I was ready to make my move and I had plenty of energy left to go for it, but this girl was not going to let that happen. Oh well, I drafted a little longer then I tried again so it was sort of a race to the finish with this girl and the man she was drafting off of...yes, for most of the swim...I rarely had to kick. I was going to thank the girl when we got out of the water then she turned to look for me and it turned out to be Leah :)!! I should have recognized those familiar bubbles....very comforting. I need to make sure that I follow her at CDA. She was great with sighting and keeping us on the course. I'm usually all over the place. I sure do love my training partners. Great swim...no issues and no drama!!!! I hung out for a while and talked to some other friends that I haven't seen in a while then we (Cathy, Leah, Claire, Amy B.) set out for a two hour bike ride. I was very excited that this was going to be a short work out day...and on a Saturday. The ride was short, hilly, but very nice.

The rest of the day was full of activities. Vincent played his last coach pitch game ever and it was a heartbreaking game (they lost by one point). I won't go into details about that, but I had few tears after this game. The next day David was flying out to Japan (again) and I had a 5 hour ride on my schedule for Sunday. My mom was going to stay the night so I could get an early start, but it turned out that Madeleine got invited to a sleep over and Vincent had a Boy Scout camp out.

I never have my house to myself on a Saturday morning so it was hard to set out for my 5 hour solo adventure. I had been so busy that I didn't make plans to ride with anyone. Robin, Jeannie, and Erin had done their ride on Saturday so I was OMO!!

The ride itself was uneventful. I set out for Parmer via Great Oaks and Avery Ranch, then headed to Mopac and turned around...still on Parmer all the way to 3405 then right towards 2338(?) then left to Andice...then turnaround. A new section was open (at the end of Ronald Reagan/Parmer) so I was able to add some mileage...that was very nice. Finally, I turned around (again) and headed home...with a big smile on my face. I've been so spoiled with some very nice supported rides in the last few weeks that I was just sort of bored with this ride. Towards the end of the ride I started to feel empowered about what I had just accomplished. Not long ago, a 2 hour ride alone would seem daunting, but now I'm riding over 70 miles (73.2 to be exact) with out any real planning. I did all this before noon....that is taking care of some serious business!!! Returned home and my mom had already picked up the kids so that was very nice. I ran for a quick 20 minutes (felt great too), took a shower and enjoyed a very nice day (which included a great meal at Papasito's) with the kids and my mom.

I dropped my bike off at J&A's for a tune up. I had to schedule this 2-3 weeks before I drop it off to the Bike Transport folks on June 12th. It was ready by Monday and it needed a new tire, hubs (?), and a wash. My bike is ready and I think I'm ready too!!! I have never felt so confident going into a race. Six months ago, I would have never thought that I would be feeling so confident, strong, and extremely empowered by my training at this point.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mid-week (19) update!

I had another solid work day on Tuesday. It is getting harder to do these workouts back to back, but somehow I manage....everything else seems to be ignored. Not the kids or anything, but the household stuff. Kids are getting busier and May really seems to stress me out. I wonder if it's a coincidence that David seems to travel more (and further) in May???

I remember once when he had to go to France for most of May back when i was training for my first Danskin. My kids were a lot younger and NOT in school full time so it was hard. The kids ended up with Step throat and puking everywhere. That was tough...and it was only Danskin. It was overwhelming. I don't think training for Ironman has been that stressful, but I'm feeling a little on edge. I digress...imagine that!

I'm very proud when I can get my workouts in. I know "I have all day", but logistically it's still not easy. I have to make sure that I eat (something healthy) so I can do the next quality workout and not eat too much so I throw it up. It's not an easy balance, but doing morning then evening workouts is not an option. I'm missing some of the kid's end of school activities and that bothers me. I tried to ignore that I wasn't going to make it to Field Day...until my son asked "Mom, what time are you going to get there and which event are you volunteering for??" It broke my heart to tell him that I couldn't go this year. His face looked so disappointed. He didn't sign up for this Ironman and I'm sure he doesn't completely get it so I have added pressure on me to get to their field day, but I'm looking forward to it. He's in 3rd grade...he may not be as excited for this stuff and to see his mom at these events for much longer. I hope he doesn't outgrow it too soon, but you never know. Again, I digress.....somehow, I always end up making it about my kids. I jokingly say..."surrendering to motherhood!" I love being a mother and I'm not sure that I would be doing all of this if my life weren't exactly as it is. I also say the being a stay at home home drove me to do this endurance stuff....I say it lovingly.

Tuesday was good. I did 5 Crystal Falls hill repeats and enjoyed watching Leah conquer some of her fears. I'm glad she came up to join me. Robin joined us also so it made it easier to talk ourselves into heading down south for our BSP swim. It was short (due to the OW swim this Saturday), but sweet. I finished up the day with my strength training and core work.....just in time to get home and take kids to swim practice. I was grumpy that evening, but I think I just needed food and a shower!!!!

Wednesday was a stormy morning. I got an email from coach that said to still meet, but bring something to write with and we would discuss race day logistics at Austin Java if the weather was still bad. I was certain that the rain would stop by then (and I still had to deal with rainy traffic into Austin). If we didn't meet then I knew she would want us to do something that evening??!! We went to Austin Java (it was worth the drive) and she gave us a Bonus day off. I was relieved at first, but later, I still felt a little guilty.

Thursday morning came after some horrible storms with David flying home from CA...I was very worried about him. I made the decision to wake the kids up and make them go in my closet without totally scaring them. I was terrified. The hail was so bad and funnel clouds were all around us....scary. So on Thursday, I'm very thankful for my day off yesterday!!!! David returned home safely and I was finally able to fall asleep around midnight.

Thursday is Field Day, swim practice, baseball game, and my monthly bunco outing so we'll see how much I get done. Oh, and three workouts. Tempo bike ride, swim, and full body ST. I'm hanging in there....and still loving every minute of this training. I'm truly blessed!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Longest Bike Ride EVER!!!!

On Saturday I did the Armadillo Classic in Liberty Hill. As part of my IM training, I did the 105 mile option. I was very nervous about this, but it helped that I did the Austin to Shiner ride the week before.

There were a lot of people doing this ride and it seemed like I would have plenty of company on the 100+ mile ride. Yvonne did the 61 mile option so it was great having her for my first 30. We talked and skipped the first two rest stops. They seemed to have come really close together...which is great, but no need to stop yet. I had to get to the 30 mile closing gate by 10:30. I didn't think it was going to be a problem, but it's fun to add some pressure. When it came time to split off from Yvonne, I felt like a nervous kindergartner going off into the unknown!! Luckily,I felt great at that point and ready to face this challenge.

The next section was still pretty popular so I wasn't alone and I was certain that Cathy and Leah were behind me somewhere because I had passed them earlier and I hadn't seen them pass me. I also know that Erin and Jeannie were ahead of me...maybe not too far...unlike Robin who was surely way ahead by now since I hadn't seen her at any of the stops. Anyway, I like being somewhere in the middle of my friends because it feels safe. I got to the next rest stop and it was the turn around for the 80 mile option. I wasn't planning on stopping here, but I was unsure of which direction to go and everyone seemed to be turning around...now I felt alone. Hmmmm, maybe I should consider doing 80 miles?? Tim, a guy I had just been introduced to by Yvonne had a map and told me which way to go and mentioned that it would be very scenic. It was beautiful, but lonelier and hotter too!!! I stopped at the next rest stop and took more time at this one. I took a potty break and ate some delicious home made oatmeal cookies with some very cold Gatorade...very nice stop. I was also hoping that I would see Cathy and Leah riding up?? I would have loved the company. I still felt great at this point, but I was nervous about what was to come?? Before I knew it I was back at the next rest stop which was familiar and that was a fabulous feeling. I felt great and so happy that I was at mile 70 and heading home...wahoo...the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was very hot at this point and the course was a lot hillier. I was catching some folks, talking for a while and most of the time....I "had to put the hammer down!!" I was on some crazy high and felt like a kid on the bike. I was surprised to be feeling so wonderful. I was so thankful for my training, my coach, and happy to be one step closer to my IM dream. I was thinking about how glad I was that I waited to do THIS distance on THIS day. I had been tempted to do a 100 miler before this, but for me, they probably would have been empty miles. This ride already felt so productive and I was in control!! I wanted to do a happy dance when my Cateye read 100.00 miles. Happy because I had completed the distance, but even happier to feel so strong mentally and physically. I wanted to call my coach and tell her or shout "I'm finishing strong" and I can't believe it!!!! One more rest stop came along and I just waved on through it. My Cateye already said 105. 7 and they said "just one more mile"....okay...whatever. I rode for a total of 106.8 miles. I ran for about 15 minutes after that and it didn't feel bad at all. Without the heat, I think I could have ran my marathon:)!!!

In my first grader's words (and spelling)..."it was osm!!!"

Next day was Mother's Day and I had a two hour run on my schedule. Met Robin at Brushy Creek (she had an hour on her schedule) so one hour with good company and the next with my music. I felt a little beat up at first, but quickly I started to feel okay. It was a nice run. At the end of my run, I felt a little lump in my throat...getting closer to becoming an Ironman. Not sure what's happening, but some workouts have been making me feel a little emotional??

I got home and my wonderful family had some special treats and surprises for me....got a little emotional...again. I was able to combine a short recovery swim with some quality family time. For dinner, we had my mom, sisters, and sister's family over for dinner. My husband cooked for us and cleaned up too:)!!!

Very nice weekend!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a high.....

I had a great hour run this morning so it makes me wonder how long will it feel so great....I mean this IM training.

I've always liked Tom Petty and enjoy his songs, but when I heard "Learning To Fly" recently it just fit my life in relation to my training. So I wonder, how much longer can the fun last? Is this why people want to take on this challenge over and over again? I can't imagine keeping up this much training day after day forever, but I can see the addiction.

Wow, I must be on some runner's high. I'm off to the kid's school for some mid day Mommy duties then I'll head to the gym for some strength training and then maybe get a well deserved pedicure :) !

I also have my monthly girl's night.... dinner with friends and a mean game of bunco!!! I don't get to socialize with my friends as often these days so I'm looking forward to seeing my non IM friends.

Life is GOOD!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too much fun......

Well I can't say that I'm great at this blogging stuff, but I've managed to keep up with this ironman training very well!

I'm at the tail end of week 12...HALFWAY!! Of course, I started at week 5 due to marathon training and completing the Walt Disney Goofy Challenge. I'm having so much fun with this new training schedule and look forward to each new and unknown distance.

I've been so tired lately that I don't feel like writing about my training, but it helps keep me organized.

I didn't get a chance to do my long run this Sunday because of the Easter holiday and I was hosting the party at my house so I ran on Monday evening (I needed some time to recover). It was wonderful. I haven't ran in the evening in a long time and I have missed it...especially on a cool Spring evening...nuff said. I ran alone, but it will go down as one of my most memorable runs (thanks to my coach for encouraging me to run that evening...especially when I thought she would tell me to consider it a missed workout:)).

I won't go into further detail about my workouts this week. I've followed the schedule and today I had a great QW with Amy and Team Baraka. We met at the Veloway and did a bike, run, bike, run, and bike, run. It was great and each time we did it at different speeds. My legs are tired and I love that feeling. I worked on my flying mount and dismount...that Amy is an amazing instructor as well as coach.

I've been a little emotional this week too, but in a good way. I guess that I should say, "sappy!" I feel so thankful to have this training opportunity and constantly feel the need to thank my hubby, training buddies, and my coach.

I know an Ironman DNF would be a huge disappointment (and I have complete confidence that I will be a finisher), but if it happened then it would all still be worth it because of the friendships and relationships that are being made.

I'm very lucky and truly blessed!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break is over!!!

We didn't travel anywhere, but we had fun hanging out with the kids and doing some yard work!!!

My IM training survived okay and only missed one swim workout and my gym workouts. Bring on Week 11!!!

Monday: off

Tuesday: Now they are called "Trainer Tuesdays!" I spent 1.25 hours on the trainer and i had to include some one legged drills. Sounded easy enough, but it wasn't smooth and that was the goal. My left leg felt better and stronger than my right. It was a challenging workout, and I need to get my Cateye fixed ASAP!!

I also did the P90X ab workout and I'm sitll sore on Thursday!

Wednesay: I met Amy, Leah, and Cathy for our QW. Amy had a transition clinic planned for us. I'm extremely slow in my transitions and never really cared too much about the time I lost in T1 and T2...not a very "triathlete" way of thinking. Amy changed my way of thinking.....other coaches have tried, but I was stubborn (they didn't know it) and didn't listen much. My mind always thought "yeah, yeah, I'm not going to win so I'm not going to rush through this and do what i have to do." I can't say that I enjoyed a cocktail or picnic during my T's, but no real rushing.

Amy actually said the idea is to be smooth not fast. Gave us some great tips!! I've been given many before so i thought there was not much more to learn, but I was wrong.

Thursday: I have a run planned and some ST planned for my day. I might try to get a swim in to make up for not swimming on Tuesday.

I need to keep up with my totals a lot better so I still need to work on that!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 9...DONE...well, almost!!!

Wow, what a week. I have never been so exhausted. I guess training consistently will do that to you :)!!!

On Wednesday, I met up with Leah, Cathy, and Coach at the YMCA in South Austin....yes, way down south on a weekday morning. The commute wasn't too bad, but it still would have been worth the drive.

I thought hills were on the agenda and I was right!! We warmed up by riding to the Rialto (sp?) hills off of Southwest Pkwy and William Cannon. We did three hill repeats (into the wind) and Amy stood halfway yelling at us (not cheering, but yelling :)). I couldn't look at her or I may have quit. I did hear her yell something like, "faster, Malinda, you're not even breathing hard!!" It was a great workout and I think I had enough left in me for one more hill repeat....maybe.

Thursday was a challenge, but it turned out to be a very successful day....I even got to have lunch with my kiddos at school and help out with Madeleine's class for computer lab.
I ran on the treadmill in the morning because it was a little cold, but the wind is what really turned me off to running outdoors. I ran for 50 minutes and ran a little over 4 miles. This included a warm up and cool down. It felt good.

I surprised Vincent and Madeleine with lunch from Wendy's! I was craving some chili so I joined them at school. My computer lab shift ended at 12:15 so I had a little bit of time to get to the gym to swim....and maybe strength training??? I got to LTF and decided to squeeze both workouts in before 2:30 so i could have enough time to shower and be ready for kids and our last R. E. class.

Weights felt good and I'm so glad that they are incorporated into my IM training. On to the swim! I decided to do a 300 w/u, 4x400's (with each 400 getting faster), and a 300 c/d. I was able to get to finish the third 400 before I got kicked out of the pool due to lightening storms in the area. I was actually very bummed and ask if I could at least finish with a cool down.....normally, I would feel relieved :)!!! I was very proud of completing most of the workouts on my schedule that day. After lunch, I really just wanted to go home, rest, and enjoy the raining day while watching t.v.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I was the mystery reader in Madeleine's class in the morning. I finished with that and ran some errands, came home, had lunch, and just vegged out for two whole hours. I dozed off a little every now and then.....which is unlike me to nap. I think I'll quick fighting it and add a nap to my training schedule on Fridays!!

I did get on the trainer in the evening for 45 minutes (almost 10 miles). I took it easy since I had the Spokes and Spurs ride in the morning. It was going to be cold on Saturday morning....30 degrees so I did spend some time on Friday shopping for some cold weather gear....that was fun!!

Saturday morning was cold so I put on my layers (and some of my new cycling gear :)). I picked up Robin and we arrived just in time for her to start rolling with the 62 mile folks....I only had to ride 44 miles, but I was tempted to join Robin....especially since we're both training for the same event. I'll talk about that in my next post.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 9!

I had a very lazy day off on Monday! The weather was cold and very windy! I did do some core work at home and I was very sore today.

Today, Tuesday, was a great start. I ran this morning 42 minutes...it should have been 45, but I must have run a little faster on the way back. I went out for 23 minutes?? Anyway, it was a great easy run. The weather was cool, but sunny.....it was a perfect morning for running.

I came home had a protein shake and headed to LTF for upper, lower, core, and a swim workout. I spent 40 minutes on strength training. It felt good, but my legs and arms felt fatigued.

I didn't have much left for my swim workout. I thought about going home and coming later after the kids went to bed. I stuck it out and had a great workout.
300 w/u
10x 100's (see times below....they did get faster with 30s rest intervals)
300 c/d

Wow, that felt amazing. What's more amazing is that I had more energy after my swim than before....now I'm ready for the evening with the family.

Vincent has his first TAKS testing tomorrow so he gets to pick a healthy (fulfilling) meal this evening....home cooked!

My 100's swim times (per coaches request)
2.10 (goggle issues)
1.59 (woo hoo....i finally got a sub 2.0)

I love triathlon training....or should I say Ironman training! Hmmm, maybe this is the real addiction.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Catching up on my blogging...or training (B)log!!

I had a great week 8!

I did the "whole enchilada" as Coach Amy calls it. I had a great 30+ minute run (on the treadmill) with some pick ups at the end. I did 4 of them for a minute at a 7:42 min/mile pace and i thought i was going to fly off the treadmill.

I went to LTF for some strength training and i felt a lot more productive/efficient. I'll have to get better about logging my strength training routine. I just know that my upper body is not very strong. It will be fun and interesting to see if there are some results with all this. Amy believes that (ST) will allow for a "strong" Ironman finish. I just want to finish, but finishing strong sounds even better.

I'm still on Tuesday! Finished up the training day with a good swim. I did a 300 warm up (w/u) and a set of 10x100's (30s rest) with a 200 cool down (c/d). My times for my 100's were very consistent. My fastest was 2:01 and slowest was 2:05. Good day...no, it was a great day!!

I met Amy and some new CDA training partners, Cathy and Leah, for a QW at the Veloway. I suspected it would be a time trial, but I thought "surely, Amy would warns us??" It was a time trial and Amy didn't tell us on purpose because she said the thought of it makes people nauseous!! She's so thoughtful!

It consisted of an 8 mile warm up on easy gears and then "balls to the wall" for 8 miles. I did mine in 26min/46sec (17.97 miles per hour avg.) It was a little windy, but no excuses....I did the best that i could on that day.

Robin and I drove all the way down South for a BSP swim and it was closed for cleaning (note to self....the pool is closed every Thursday until 7 p.m). Robin and I ran 3 miles (30 min)on LBT. Again, it was windy, but nice running with Robin and learning more about her. We drove back up North for a swim at LTF. She and I did some ST before the swim (the pool was a little busy) and then swam for 30 minutes (we were running out of time to get home for our kiddos).
I swam a 200 w/u, 4x200's, 2x100's and easy 100 c/d. Another good day at the office:)!!!

I met Cathy and Leah for a 2 hour bike ride at Wilco. They were so nice to offer to come up North. We met at 8:30 am and i just took them on Parmer extension(or I guess it's Ronald Reagan Blvd.) for 1 hour and then turned around. We went until the road came to an end....I love when that happens....it seems much more significant. (I should mention that David also returned from his 10 day long business trip.)

It was a good ride followed by a 15 minute run. Neither of us started our stopwatch...too busy talking, but it was about a 1 mile run. Those ladies are great and probably not good for me to hang out with them. They talked about their love of trail running....their true passion and I'd love to run Pike's Peak someday. I enjoyed learning more about them too. They are busy moms of older children so it gives me a glimpse of what lies ahead. This Ironman journey just seems to get better and better.

Long Bike: 26.42 miles/14.2 avg. pace.

Amy K. picked up the Sendero folks (me, Rebeca, and her husband, Brent) for a Georgetown a.m. run with Donnie at Runtex. Robin met us there too. She had a short run so she ran with me for a while and then I continued with the 9 mile run option. It was a new course for me so it was exciting to not know where i was heading....until I got a little lost....or thought i was lost. I probably ended up doing 10 miles, but overall, it was a great morning to start a busy Saturday for the Price family.

Run 10 miles (approx.) 1hour 40 minutes.


Today, I have an easy 30 minute spin on my trainer and easy 30 minute pool swim.

I've got to do a better job (for myself) logging my training entries. Amy needs a full report on Monday so it's easier on me if i log my training daily.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Work in progress!

Okay, well as I said earlier....why the blog??
I'm definitely not good with this stuff, but oh well. I'm sure I won't share it with too many people.

Mainly, I decided to start a blog to journal my thoughts throughout this Ironman training process....just for personal reasons.

Vincent asked me the other day, while he was helping me do yard work, why I wanted to do an Ironman race? Something with the way he looked at me, with his great brown eyes, that made me carefully think of my answer. I've answered this question in my head many times and shared it with a few of my training buddies, but giving Vincent my reason...well, it reminded me of Steve Sisson's (Rogue founder, owner, and coach) speech about knowing our "purpose."

I shared my "purpose" with him and he was "actively" listening to me....I was so impressed and he seemed so impressed. He simply told me that he was proud of me and wanted to help me train for it....he is so sweet. Man, I love those kids of mine.....Madeleine was off on a limo ride with a neighbor friend (that's a whole other story....and blog for Madeleiene). Anyway, it was a great moment to share with my son on that day.

With that, I decided that I needed to keep a journal. I decided to do it the modern way.....by creating a blog!!! Vincent also said, "Mom, my kids will probably be real proud of you too and I don't think too many grandma's do an Ironman." I had to smile of the thought of having grandkids that would think of me as cool. Vincent has no idea that there are many grandmas doing these races and by the time he has children.....well I'm sure this sport will become even more popular.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes!


Why did I think this was a good idea??!!

Well, I'll tell you why later:)!!!