Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Work in progress!

Okay, well as I said earlier....why the blog??
I'm definitely not good with this stuff, but oh well. I'm sure I won't share it with too many people.

Mainly, I decided to start a blog to journal my thoughts throughout this Ironman training process....just for personal reasons.

Vincent asked me the other day, while he was helping me do yard work, why I wanted to do an Ironman race? Something with the way he looked at me, with his great brown eyes, that made me carefully think of my answer. I've answered this question in my head many times and shared it with a few of my training buddies, but giving Vincent my reason...well, it reminded me of Steve Sisson's (Rogue founder, owner, and coach) speech about knowing our "purpose."

I shared my "purpose" with him and he was "actively" listening to me....I was so impressed and he seemed so impressed. He simply told me that he was proud of me and wanted to help me train for it....he is so sweet. Man, I love those kids of mine.....Madeleine was off on a limo ride with a neighbor friend (that's a whole other story....and blog for Madeleiene). Anyway, it was a great moment to share with my son on that day.

With that, I decided that I needed to keep a journal. I decided to do it the modern way.....by creating a blog!!! Vincent also said, "Mom, my kids will probably be real proud of you too and I don't think too many grandma's do an Ironman." I had to smile of the thought of having grandkids that would think of me as cool. Vincent has no idea that there are many grandmas doing these races and by the time he has children.....well I'm sure this sport will become even more popular.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes!


Why did I think this was a good idea??!!

Well, I'll tell you why later:)!!!