Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ironman Training 2013!

I'm excited and a bit nervous to train for this Ironman using Crossfit Edurance!  18 weeks aways starting tomorrow and still working on base training.  I do plan on hiring a coach for extra guidance and especially expertise in running form with Valerie Hunt.  I'll also heavily depend on my CF coach(s) and extended CF family for more training support.

I began this Monday getting reaquainted with the bike and the water!  It wasn't too bad.  My running actually felt worse.  I have truly fallen in love with cross fitting so I'm excited to put my two loves together.  Triathlon and crossfit.  I have to admit….I haven't done a triathlon since I started crossfit.  I've  run some marathons and half marathon but that's it for any real endurance.  I plan to WOD 4-5 times a week.

I also plan to eat mostly Paleo…even during endurance bike rides.  I also plan on using 3Fuel.  More to come…..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Two weeks from today......

I should be basking in the glow of being a two time Ironman finisher!! For now, I'm enjoying the two week taper. Not only because of the shorter training days but of the time I have to reflect on the journey and the people in my life. I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by many loved ones. A lot of amazing and strong people in my life. Many understand and get why I love training for these events....I get it most of the time...but occasionally, I asked myself the questions. Why an Ironman? Will I ever get it out of my system? For the most part, I have a good answer in my head and in my heart....and it's way more long winded than this blog entry:-). If you know and love me then I think you somewhat get it....:-).

For sure this time around has been completely different than my first in 2008. Although I signed up almost a year ago....not sure the reality hit me until a few weeks into my training. I'm not sure I was 100% into it in the beginning and was full of self doubt. One day and one event made me realize that more than before....I needed to do this race.....mainly because I CAN!!!

I consider myself lucky that I get to "torture" my mind, body, and soul by choice. The training hours and commitment can often seem grueling and not so fun! However, this is how I enjoy spending my free time the most. I learn more about myself through this training process.....or perhaps I just have more time to spend with my thoughts on those 5-7 hour bike rides. Ironman training alone is very rewarding for me in many aspects. Again, I appreciate life and those around me more than ever. I'm truly surrounded by love, laughter, and fun almost everyday. I'm so thankful for my family, family members and friends (near and far). However, more than ever, this training season has been consistently impacted and/or driven by some amazing women that inspire me every day and more often when I'm having a "hard" day. My "hard" days seem frivolous and really are compared to a hard day for these women.

Cancer hit too close to home as it found it's way into the body of two very dear friends. It was hard not to think of these women just in my everyday life but while training, for some reason, it gives me even a more powerful perspective. A greater appreciation for everything...and for what not to take for granted. I know I've been guilty of taking life and people for granted at one point or another. Another friend, has a mom with ALS and it's recently progressed to where her mom can not walk or stand on her own. I hate what these close friends and their loved ones are facing in their lives....not fair for any of them. Now, with two weeks away from my ironman race, I have to thank these courageous women for showing me strength and amazing spirit like I've never seen before. So unaware these women have helped me accomplish a goal I set out to do (yes, for fun) but still found myself struggling to accomplish it. So it had to be bigger than Ironman and now it is.

With a heavy heart, but yet strengthened because of these inspiring women, I will, in their honor, face a long grueling attempt at another Ironman race on June 27, 2010. I will swim 2.4, bike 112, and, run 26.2 miles within a 17 hour period because, for now, I CAN!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coeur d' Alene 2010 IM training!

I've been meaning to get on here on write about my training for this Ironman (IM). I found it really helpful to do this last time I trained in 2008. I knew this training would be different than before but I didn't know it would be THIS different.

I had a minor surgical procedure in early January (health is fine) but it still left me unable to do much for 4 weeks and absolutely no running for 7 weeks. I finally started training on February 24 and I've been doing well since. Spring break last week threw me off schedule. Also, I have some friends dealing with some difficult times. This has been a mental challenge for my training. It's made me second guess my purpose for even doing this IM?!?!

A good friend is fighting cancer, but I don't believe this cancer has a chance against this friend. She's one of the most determined human beings I know. I only found out the news a couple of weeks ago when she was in surgery to have brain tumors removed. The news hit me hard for several reasons but I am as optimistic is she is....her positive energy is very contagious. I also have a good friend that has close loved ones with serious illnesses as well. It's difficult to have friends (friends that feel like family) going through so much in their lives while I'm doing something for fun. My ironman training started to feel pointless some time last week. I'm not sure if it's guilt, self pity, or some lack of interest, but I was ready to throw in the towel. My purpose to do this for "fun" really didn't make much sense. I've also done every single workout for this training on my own (found the solitude helpful many times), which felt okay for a few weeks, but I know it will get more difficult when the mileage increases.

This week, (week 12) which is week 5 for me....(confusing I know but I jumped into following a 25 week plan....made most sense to me), has been off to a difficult start.

**Back track to my first week: I was also able to jump right in there for the most part....except for the running. It was a good confidence booster. I was glad that I hadn't lost all of my fitness, but my muscles had dwindled away.....thank goodness for muscle memory. Training had been going well**

Back to this week: Slow start after spring break and a lot of emotional stuff going on in my head. I really was ready to give up on this Ironman training, but had some time to think and a few hard workouts to help clear the mind. It's one of the reasons that I love doing's good for mental strength and for my health:-).

My original purpose to do this Ironman in 2010 was very unclear...especially after having surgery but I was going to do it to "have fun" with Robin (her second as well) and with Bibiana (her first). Well that's never a good enough "purpose" because as fortunate as I'm to be able to train, have friends to share it with, and love the sport....Ironman training can be very difficult....emotionally and physically. So from here on out....I'm dedicating this training to my loved ones that are facing some real challenges, helping loved ones go through difficult times, and for those that have suffered a loss of a loved one. NO MORE WHINING from me!!!!

Up next (this weekend)....1/2 marathon that I'm not trained for but looking forward to it more than any other race I've ever done!!!! My heart will be heavy but I'll run on for those that can't!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wow!! And not so Wow!!??

Ran the Marshes today....alone, which turned out to be very rewarding. I enjoy running with a group especially with good friends but this day was much needed.

I was surprised by how emotional this run felt and how much clarity ONE run can give. Our Rogue coaches often ask that we have a clear purpose for running.....or training for a marathon and I don't really struggle with that concept.

Running for me has finally became as natural as having a relationship with a friend, spouse,'s just a part of me! My purpose to run is very clear. What isn't how do I keep that running "relationship" new and exciting! I'm finally at a place that I consider myself a runner. I wish my relationship with it was simple and not so complicating. I wish I could run 3-5 miles here and there and feel content.....a one night stand relationship of sorts:-)!!

Today my run connected with this song....
It best describes my relationship and my reason for running!! I know it's sort of weird....but it's a good relationship that I cherish. I won't give it up but I do struggle with it because it often causes some heartache.

I'm writing this with some raw (and cheesy) emotions....trying to reflect on how I felt today with running. Such a high but also makes me feel so vulnerable at times. Vulnerable because I love it but scared to push myself into it for the fear of heartbreak or failure. Oh how a one night stand would be easier, such as a three miler a day for the rest of my life:-)! My purpose is clear.....but how do I keep my relationship alive and new. How do I get it to the next level....without fear of it not ever going anywhere or evolving?? Where is it going? I'm a recreational runner and mostly do it for why do I NEED it to go anywhere?? It should be my easiest relationship:-)! Should be easy to love and embrace!

Running has seen me through some great times, sad times, and helped develop some amazing friendships so I'll always be grateful. However, how can I make it more simple and be content with it going nowhere!!!???

My run with the Marshes was actually very accelerating and a little climactic:-). Hence the reason to ponder my relationship a little deeper. I really shouldn't run alone anymore:-)! Just had questions for my had to write some thoughts down.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tri training

It's that time of year again!! I love triathlon season. I've had a strange start to it this year, but I'm looking forward to it. I went to my blog to check out my swim times and compare them to todays workout....and all I can say/think is...disappointing:-(!! I had a great swim workout, but my times were slightly slower from this time last year!

I'm not sure what my goals are for this 70.3 race, but I may need to consider signing up with an official training group. I really miss the "team" spirit and support from training friends and my coach!! I'm glad that I had to come to my blog for reference because I hadn't seen it in a while (now I wish that I would have documented more training data). I'm looking through old emails that I sent to Coach Amy since I had to report to her every Monday.

Maybe in a couple of weeks my swim times will be closer to where they were last year. I think I did start swimming in January opposed to just a couple of weeks ago. Oh well, overall, it was a great training day and the weather was beautiful. My "injury" even allowed me to run a little more comfortable.

Life is good!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Next Big Event!

I did the Nike Marathon....and really meant to post a small race report and blog a little bit about the wonderful experience....not really the marathon part (which wasn't bad) but the girl's weekend was one of the best mini vacations.

Anyway, it's been a couple of weeks (maybe a month??) since Nike. The marathon went well. I didn't have any serious time goals. I didn't want it to take longer than my IM marathon and I wanted to run a faster last half. Finishing strong was my main goal. The first half was pretty slow, but worth taking it easy since we stopped to take some pictures. It was also nice to not stress out about time at that point since it was VERY crowded....and hilly!!! The last half was much better but a little miserable after mile 19!!! Overall, it was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again...we'll see.

We stayed in this great house in the Cole Valley. I'd love to spend some more time there...pretending to be a city dweller!!! Good times for sure.

Now I'm just having to refocus and get ready for the Austin Marathon! I'd like to PR at this race so I have to get serious, but enjoy the process as well. Robin is doing Rogue with me so it's fun to see her enjoy it so much. I'm not sure that I would be as excited if it weren't for Robin. My good friend, Bibiana, is moving. She's been my running buddy for years so I'm going miss her in many ways!! As much as I'd like to think that I'm more of a "serious" runner's still very social for me. The perfect balance as far as I'm concerned.....I still find it fun and new. I hope I don't ever get to the point where I hate doing this stuff. I love my family, friends and this is a huge part of it.

This weekend I'll be running the 1/2 at the Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon. I'll be shooting to run it as fast as I can on that day...we'll see?? I've been recovering from Nike so I'm not sure if my legs (and mind) are ready to race a half, but it will be a good "time trial" to see where I am at this point. My main goal is a PR in Feb!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to Normal, then not, then back again...I think!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've blogged on here. It does make me feel better to write some thoughts down and perhaps share them with a few of you that read this:)!!

A lot has been going on since my last post. In late August I started training consistently for my marathon that is in 12 days. I'm tapering at the moment. I was able to get a few really long runs in and I thought I would only get one or WANT to do one, but I completed an 18, 20, and 22 mile run to help me finish this marathon. I guess finishing wasn't a big concern, but I wanted to prepare myself so I wouldn't end up injured and keep my motivation to train for the Austin Marathon which will be my "A" race for this running season. So far so good! The hiatus I took from training helped. It may have not helped physically, but mentally...I feel focused and fired up again. All is well in the training part of life.

The kids started school (that's probably why my training schedule improved) and that was nice, but always makes me a little sad. I'm getting old and don't adjust to change as well:). New year means new teachers (this year means REALLY NEW teachers...and whole other blog), new schedules and routines. It takes me a while to get used all of it and start feeling "normal" again, but by week 5....I was feeling "adjusted!" Then my mom needs to move in with us. WE all felt that this was the best option for her, but none of us (my mom and I) really want to be in this situation at this time of our lives. That probably sounds worse than it is, but I'd like to see my mom in a happier place in her life. Yes, she has good health, but mentally....she's not very happy and that can be difficult to deal with as well. As a mom, I have hopes and dreams for my children and as a daughter, I have those feelings for my mom as it makes me feel a little sad to see her unhappy and often struggling. On a very positive side....I'm thankful that my children get to share more time with their grandmother. I didn't have a relationship with either of my grandmothers as a child. We visited them and they came to our house, but didn't spend a lot of time with them until I was an adult. I have a few special memories with my maternal grandmother and I cherish those moments. As an adult, my maternal grandmother and I became friends....a true blessing for me. I miss her everyday. I know...I'm digressing! I have to hang on to that positive thought for my own sanity:)....I love my mom and glad to have her in my life, but not 24/7:)!!!

Oh, and the "outdoor living room" (it's no longer called a patio) is (99%)complete!!

Life is good! I'm enjoying more time with family and friends. One of my good friends is moving. She and I run a lot together, most of the time we sign up for the same races, and our husbands and kids enjoy each other..... she will be missed in many areas of my life. The only positive thing about her move is that I can't wait to visit her in the East Coast:)!!

I (still) hope to get more organized with my weekly training totals so I'll try to post more often after the Nike Marathon with those training totals. I also got talked into "Facebook" which has been fun and really not as time consuming (and cheesy) as I thought:)!!