Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to Normal, then not, then back again...I think!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've blogged on here. It does make me feel better to write some thoughts down and perhaps share them with a few of you that read this:)!!

A lot has been going on since my last post. In late August I started training consistently for my marathon that is in 12 days. I'm tapering at the moment. I was able to get a few really long runs in and I thought I would only get one or WANT to do one, but I completed an 18, 20, and 22 mile run to help me finish this marathon. I guess finishing wasn't a big concern, but I wanted to prepare myself so I wouldn't end up injured and keep my motivation to train for the Austin Marathon which will be my "A" race for this running season. So far so good! The hiatus I took from training helped. It may have not helped physically, but mentally...I feel focused and fired up again. All is well in the training part of life.

The kids started school (that's probably why my training schedule improved) and that was nice, but always makes me a little sad. I'm getting old and don't adjust to change as well:). New year means new teachers (this year means REALLY NEW teachers...and whole other blog), new schedules and routines. It takes me a while to get used all of it and start feeling "normal" again, but by week 5....I was feeling "adjusted!" Then my mom needs to move in with us. WE all felt that this was the best option for her, but none of us (my mom and I) really want to be in this situation at this time of our lives. That probably sounds worse than it is, but I'd like to see my mom in a happier place in her life. Yes, she has good health, but mentally....she's not very happy and that can be difficult to deal with as well. As a mom, I have hopes and dreams for my children and as a daughter, I have those feelings for my mom as it makes me feel a little sad to see her unhappy and often struggling. On a very positive side....I'm thankful that my children get to share more time with their grandmother. I didn't have a relationship with either of my grandmothers as a child. We visited them and they came to our house, but didn't spend a lot of time with them until I was an adult. I have a few special memories with my maternal grandmother and I cherish those moments. As an adult, my maternal grandmother and I became friends....a true blessing for me. I miss her everyday. I know...I'm digressing! I have to hang on to that positive thought for my own sanity:)....I love my mom and glad to have her in my life, but not 24/7:)!!!

Oh, and the "outdoor living room" (it's no longer called a patio) is (99%)complete!!

Life is good! I'm enjoying more time with family and friends. One of my good friends is moving. She and I run a lot together, most of the time we sign up for the same races, and our husbands and kids enjoy each other..... she will be missed in many areas of my life. The only positive thing about her move is that I can't wait to visit her in the East Coast:)!!

I (still) hope to get more organized with my weekly training totals so I'll try to post more often after the Nike Marathon with those training totals. I also got talked into "Facebook" which has been fun and really not as time consuming (and cheesy) as I thought:)!!

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