Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am an Ironman!

On June 22, 2008 I did what I set out to do and completed my first Ironman race! It's been over a month since then and the transition has not been easy. I had full blown post IM blues (aka PIB). I never knew that a name or term already existed. I guess it wasn't ALL in my head.

I have a race report pretty much written, but I haven't had time to edit it. I'll have it for my personal reference...sort of like this blog...which is semi-private to me....or at least it feels that way. I do some blogging stuff on LiveJournal, but I use that more as a forum. The community on there is great and I learn a lot from others that are (constantly) me. I always feel that I don't have as much to contribute to the world of triathlon and/or running, but then I read someones blog or post and discover that I've been dealing with some of the same issues. One thing that has recently come to my mind (and apparently the mind of other bloggers) is the question, "Why I train?" or to train or not to train....or to train solo or with a should I train?? I've been contemplating this so it's nice to read that someone else has been pondering this. That's just one example...there have been many others recently...sort of weird.

Anyway, I have a marathon in a couple of months and I should be pretty heavy into that training by now, but I'm still in "active" recovery. The kids are out for summer break so it's been a bit of a challenge to get consistent again. I have the desire and I feel great, but after all of my IM training I don't want to take time away from the kids to officially start training again. Even if I had more motivation then it's still not easy since I either need to go very early in the morning or late in the evening. During the day doesn't work out for several's too hot and the kids want to do summertime activities...or just hang out. I'll figure something out or just do what I can when I can until school starts or just do my famous weekend warrior thing???!!

I also had a conversation with a friend of mine and she mentioned that she told her family (or mom) that she wasn't going to train for a marathon again after we do Nike. Of course this made me think of my plans. Will I ever stop training?? I guess not because marathon season is my time to work on my running for any future Ironman or 70.3 race. I guess I'll always train so that I'm ready to start training for the next event?? It seems strange, but it seems even more strange to think of retiring from marathon training?? I know this blog seems strange or may not make too much sense, but it's been one of those days. Not feeling the happiest or just having doubts about where all this is going?? I do it to stay fit, have fun and socialize with my friends. It's a healthy outlet and it's obvious that I need it in my life. I just don't want my family to burn out (with my training) or for it to become a negative thing for them. I don't see how it can, but I'm just say'n.

Also,I know I should probably change this blog name or I should have at least considered that I would eventually not need the "2b" part, but I just didn't want to be presumptuous or jinx my race that hadn't taken place yet!

I'm off to do some summer time stuff with the kiddos :)!!! Maybe I'll run tomorrow!!! Or not!!