Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a high.....

I had a great hour run this morning so it makes me wonder how long will it feel so great....I mean this IM training.

I've always liked Tom Petty and enjoy his songs, but when I heard "Learning To Fly" recently it just fit my life in relation to my training. So I wonder, how much longer can the fun last? Is this why people want to take on this challenge over and over again? I can't imagine keeping up this much training day after day forever, but I can see the addiction.

Wow, I must be on some runner's high. I'm off to the kid's school for some mid day Mommy duties then I'll head to the gym for some strength training and then maybe get a well deserved pedicure :) !

I also have my monthly girl's night.... dinner with friends and a mean game of bunco!!! I don't get to socialize with my friends as often these days so I'm looking forward to seeing my non IM friends.

Life is GOOD!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too much fun......

Well I can't say that I'm great at this blogging stuff, but I've managed to keep up with this ironman training very well!

I'm at the tail end of week 12...HALFWAY!! Of course, I started at week 5 due to marathon training and completing the Walt Disney Goofy Challenge. I'm having so much fun with this new training schedule and look forward to each new and unknown distance.

I've been so tired lately that I don't feel like writing about my training, but it helps keep me organized.

I didn't get a chance to do my long run this Sunday because of the Easter holiday and I was hosting the party at my house so I ran on Monday evening (I needed some time to recover). It was wonderful. I haven't ran in the evening in a long time and I have missed it...especially on a cool Spring evening...nuff said. I ran alone, but it will go down as one of my most memorable runs (thanks to my coach for encouraging me to run that evening...especially when I thought she would tell me to consider it a missed workout:)).

I won't go into further detail about my workouts this week. I've followed the schedule and today I had a great QW with Amy and Team Baraka. We met at the Veloway and did a bike, run, bike, run, and bike, run. It was great and each time we did it at different speeds. My legs are tired and I love that feeling. I worked on my flying mount and dismount...that Amy is an amazing instructor as well as coach.

I've been a little emotional this week too, but in a good way. I guess that I should say, "sappy!" I feel so thankful to have this training opportunity and constantly feel the need to thank my hubby, training buddies, and my coach.

I know an Ironman DNF would be a huge disappointment (and I have complete confidence that I will be a finisher), but if it happened then it would all still be worth it because of the friendships and relationships that are being made.

I'm very lucky and truly blessed!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break is over!!!

We didn't travel anywhere, but we had fun hanging out with the kids and doing some yard work!!!

My IM training survived okay and only missed one swim workout and my gym workouts. Bring on Week 11!!!

Monday: off

Tuesday: Now they are called "Trainer Tuesdays!" I spent 1.25 hours on the trainer and i had to include some one legged drills. Sounded easy enough, but it wasn't smooth and that was the goal. My left leg felt better and stronger than my right. It was a challenging workout, and I need to get my Cateye fixed ASAP!!

I also did the P90X ab workout and I'm sitll sore on Thursday!

Wednesay: I met Amy, Leah, and Cathy for our QW. Amy had a transition clinic planned for us. I'm extremely slow in my transitions and never really cared too much about the time I lost in T1 and T2...not a very "triathlete" way of thinking. Amy changed my way of thinking.....other coaches have tried, but I was stubborn (they didn't know it) and didn't listen much. My mind always thought "yeah, yeah, I'm not going to win so I'm not going to rush through this and do what i have to do." I can't say that I enjoyed a cocktail or picnic during my T's, but no real rushing.

Amy actually said the idea is to be smooth not fast. Gave us some great tips!! I've been given many before so i thought there was not much more to learn, but I was wrong.

Thursday: I have a run planned and some ST planned for my day. I might try to get a swim in to make up for not swimming on Tuesday.

I need to keep up with my totals a lot better so I still need to work on that!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 9...DONE...well, almost!!!

Wow, what a week. I have never been so exhausted. I guess training consistently will do that to you :)!!!

On Wednesday, I met up with Leah, Cathy, and Coach at the YMCA in South Austin....yes, way down south on a weekday morning. The commute wasn't too bad, but it still would have been worth the drive.

I thought hills were on the agenda and I was right!! We warmed up by riding to the Rialto (sp?) hills off of Southwest Pkwy and William Cannon. We did three hill repeats (into the wind) and Amy stood halfway yelling at us (not cheering, but yelling :)). I couldn't look at her or I may have quit. I did hear her yell something like, "faster, Malinda, you're not even breathing hard!!" It was a great workout and I think I had enough left in me for one more hill repeat....maybe.

Thursday was a challenge, but it turned out to be a very successful day....I even got to have lunch with my kiddos at school and help out with Madeleine's class for computer lab.
I ran on the treadmill in the morning because it was a little cold, but the wind is what really turned me off to running outdoors. I ran for 50 minutes and ran a little over 4 miles. This included a warm up and cool down. It felt good.

I surprised Vincent and Madeleine with lunch from Wendy's! I was craving some chili so I joined them at school. My computer lab shift ended at 12:15 so I had a little bit of time to get to the gym to swim....and maybe strength training??? I got to LTF and decided to squeeze both workouts in before 2:30 so i could have enough time to shower and be ready for kids and our last R. E. class.

Weights felt good and I'm so glad that they are incorporated into my IM training. On to the swim! I decided to do a 300 w/u, 4x400's (with each 400 getting faster), and a 300 c/d. I was able to get to finish the third 400 before I got kicked out of the pool due to lightening storms in the area. I was actually very bummed and ask if I could at least finish with a cool down.....normally, I would feel relieved :)!!! I was very proud of completing most of the workouts on my schedule that day. After lunch, I really just wanted to go home, rest, and enjoy the raining day while watching t.v.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I was the mystery reader in Madeleine's class in the morning. I finished with that and ran some errands, came home, had lunch, and just vegged out for two whole hours. I dozed off a little every now and then.....which is unlike me to nap. I think I'll quick fighting it and add a nap to my training schedule on Fridays!!

I did get on the trainer in the evening for 45 minutes (almost 10 miles). I took it easy since I had the Spokes and Spurs ride in the morning. It was going to be cold on Saturday morning....30 degrees so I did spend some time on Friday shopping for some cold weather gear....that was fun!!

Saturday morning was cold so I put on my layers (and some of my new cycling gear :)). I picked up Robin and we arrived just in time for her to start rolling with the 62 mile folks....I only had to ride 44 miles, but I was tempted to join Robin....especially since we're both training for the same event. I'll talk about that in my next post.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 9!

I had a very lazy day off on Monday! The weather was cold and very windy! I did do some core work at home and I was very sore today.

Today, Tuesday, was a great start. I ran this morning 42 should have been 45, but I must have run a little faster on the way back. I went out for 23 minutes?? Anyway, it was a great easy run. The weather was cool, but was a perfect morning for running.

I came home had a protein shake and headed to LTF for upper, lower, core, and a swim workout. I spent 40 minutes on strength training. It felt good, but my legs and arms felt fatigued.

I didn't have much left for my swim workout. I thought about going home and coming later after the kids went to bed. I stuck it out and had a great workout.
300 w/u
10x 100's (see times below....they did get faster with 30s rest intervals)
300 c/d

Wow, that felt amazing. What's more amazing is that I had more energy after my swim than I'm ready for the evening with the family.

Vincent has his first TAKS testing tomorrow so he gets to pick a healthy (fulfilling) meal this evening....home cooked!

My 100's swim times (per coaches request)
2.10 (goggle issues)
1.59 (woo hoo....i finally got a sub 2.0)

I love triathlon training....or should I say Ironman training! Hmmm, maybe this is the real addiction.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Catching up on my blogging...or training (B)log!!

I had a great week 8!

I did the "whole enchilada" as Coach Amy calls it. I had a great 30+ minute run (on the treadmill) with some pick ups at the end. I did 4 of them for a minute at a 7:42 min/mile pace and i thought i was going to fly off the treadmill.

I went to LTF for some strength training and i felt a lot more productive/efficient. I'll have to get better about logging my strength training routine. I just know that my upper body is not very strong. It will be fun and interesting to see if there are some results with all this. Amy believes that (ST) will allow for a "strong" Ironman finish. I just want to finish, but finishing strong sounds even better.

I'm still on Tuesday! Finished up the training day with a good swim. I did a 300 warm up (w/u) and a set of 10x100's (30s rest) with a 200 cool down (c/d). My times for my 100's were very consistent. My fastest was 2:01 and slowest was 2:05. Good, it was a great day!!

I met Amy and some new CDA training partners, Cathy and Leah, for a QW at the Veloway. I suspected it would be a time trial, but I thought "surely, Amy would warns us??" It was a time trial and Amy didn't tell us on purpose because she said the thought of it makes people nauseous!! She's so thoughtful!

It consisted of an 8 mile warm up on easy gears and then "balls to the wall" for 8 miles. I did mine in 26min/46sec (17.97 miles per hour avg.) It was a little windy, but no excuses....I did the best that i could on that day.

Robin and I drove all the way down South for a BSP swim and it was closed for cleaning (note to self....the pool is closed every Thursday until 7 p.m). Robin and I ran 3 miles (30 min)on LBT. Again, it was windy, but nice running with Robin and learning more about her. We drove back up North for a swim at LTF. She and I did some ST before the swim (the pool was a little busy) and then swam for 30 minutes (we were running out of time to get home for our kiddos).
I swam a 200 w/u, 4x200's, 2x100's and easy 100 c/d. Another good day at the office:)!!!

I met Cathy and Leah for a 2 hour bike ride at Wilco. They were so nice to offer to come up North. We met at 8:30 am and i just took them on Parmer extension(or I guess it's Ronald Reagan Blvd.) for 1 hour and then turned around. We went until the road came to an end....I love when that seems much more significant. (I should mention that David also returned from his 10 day long business trip.)

It was a good ride followed by a 15 minute run. Neither of us started our stopwatch...too busy talking, but it was about a 1 mile run. Those ladies are great and probably not good for me to hang out with them. They talked about their love of trail running....their true passion and I'd love to run Pike's Peak someday. I enjoyed learning more about them too. They are busy moms of older children so it gives me a glimpse of what lies ahead. This Ironman journey just seems to get better and better.

Long Bike: 26.42 miles/14.2 avg. pace.

Amy K. picked up the Sendero folks (me, Rebeca, and her husband, Brent) for a Georgetown a.m. run with Donnie at Runtex. Robin met us there too. She had a short run so she ran with me for a while and then I continued with the 9 mile run option. It was a new course for me so it was exciting to not know where i was heading....until I got a little lost....or thought i was lost. I probably ended up doing 10 miles, but overall, it was a great morning to start a busy Saturday for the Price family.

Run 10 miles (approx.) 1hour 40 minutes.


Today, I have an easy 30 minute spin on my trainer and easy 30 minute pool swim.

I've got to do a better job (for myself) logging my training entries. Amy needs a full report on Monday so it's easier on me if i log my training daily.